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We could tell you about our broad range of services at this point.
Or about our standard of quality and workmanship.


Or about the many years of industry experience and consulting expertise of our team. Or about how we guarantee flexible and rapid production with the latest technology. However, that is what you expect anyway. And rightly so.



Therefore, let's talk about something different: about buying decisions. They are made in the gut and justified in the mind.



Therefore we aim for our customer's gut. With style and emotion.



Our designer team is inspired by sports, fashion and architecture, senses trends and develops concepts for individual appeal.

To a T. Innovative. Sexy. If you have faith in your gut, then we speak the same language.


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new soloDUE design office

design office

The centro stile e emozione, with its unique view across the rooftops of Steyr's old town, is surrounded by inspiration and beautiful architecture. This is where the design ideas and drafts come into being for our customers and are ultimately shaped into a creative "entity" together in the soloDUE team.

design office

new soloDUE showroom

new soloDUE showroom

The new cubo2 presents individual design in all areas of the automobile – stylishly confident and brand-independent. With the innovative showroom in Steyr, Upper Austria, the company now offers a high-quality platform for design development and exchanging ideas with customers, thereby taking the next step in the direction of a lasting, partnership-like working relationship.


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